Pet Identification


Having a microchip implanted in your pet, a procedure known as microchipping, is a safe and effective way to help a missing pet return home.

Lost Pet?

About one in three pets go missing each year, which means more than 10 million pets slip through an open door, hop a fence, or break free from a leash. Animals that have a microchip are more likely to be reunited with their owners.

Find Your Dog

22 percent of dogs (without a microchip) who end up in animal shelters return home, according to PetFinder, while more than 52 percent of microchipped dogs go home.

Find Your Cat

Less than 2 percent of lost cats without microchips in animal shelters but 38 percent of cats with microchips reunite with owners.

About Us

The Insight Microchips database is an interface that utilizes various tools to increase the likelihood of a safe recovery should your pets get lost.
Ensure the safe return of your pet tomorrow by having your animal's microchip number registered with Insight Microchips today. Microchipping improves the chances of your lost pet coming home.